Do You Relax When You Run?

Half of my daily workout is running up and down the stairs in my 3-story building. Our neighbors have never mentioned it; the stairs don’t overlap with their condos, so hopefully they can’t hear me. I try to relax when I run stairs. Relax my body, relax my mind. I want to get my heart … Read more

I Support Reproductive Rights

My father passed away in January due to cancer-related complications. On his last day, my mom rushed him to the hospital, where doctors connected Dad to life support while family members gathered around him. I’ll never forget my last phone call with him, as I was far away in St. Louis: I told him I … Read more

Gamers Ranch: An Amazing Experience

I spent the last few days with 20 friends at a place called the Gamers Ranch in the middle of Missouri (a two-hour drive west of St. Louis), and I’m here to highly recommend it to anyone looking for a geeky large-group vacation. The Gamers Ranch is built from the ground up for people who … Read more

Father’s Day Without a Father

In January, complications from cancer resulting in my dad’s passing, so today is my first father’s day without my father. I know I’m not alone in this dubious distinction, and I want you to know that you’re not alone either. A friend mentioned that during his first Father’s Day after his dad died, the day … Read more