Gamers Ranch: An Amazing Experience

I spent the last few days with 20 friends at a place called the Gamers Ranch in the middle of Missouri (a two-hour drive west of St. Louis), and I’m here to highly recommend it to anyone looking for a geeky large-group vacation.

The Gamers Ranch is built from the ground up for people who want to spend a few days simply playing games with friends and family. It features a huge gaming area and a massive collection of board games (the BoardGameGeek top 100 shelf is just a fraction of the total games available at the ranch). This was great for packing, as almost any game that we would have brought was already at the ranch.

Really, it’s 4 different gaming areas: The huge living room, another tabletop game room, a pinball, digital, and VR room, and a room for video games and miniatures painting. I’m probably forgetting something, as there’s just so much–I spent most of my time in the main room, as it has plenty of space and a view of the pond.

A pond, you say? This is where I think the Gamers Ranch elevates itself beyond the already amazing place that it is. It isn’t just a great place to play games–it’s a beautiful place to play games. And one of those games is an 18-hole disc golf course. It was great to be able to step outside for 9 hot baskets, come back inside for a break, and then go back outside for more (or just stay inside, because it was 100 degrees). Watch out for ticks if you’re disc golfing there in the summer!

The Gamers Ranch sleeps 20 comfortably (mostly queen or king beds, but also a set of 2 bunk beds). There are no nearby amenities, but there’s a huge kitchen and a grill–we coordinated meals in advance and had more than enough food.

I had a wonderful time with friends (and the wonderful hosts, David and Min) at the Gamers Ranch, and I’d recommend it to any gaming group within a reasonable drive of mid-Missouri. Let me know about your experience if you give it a try!

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  1. If I lived closer, that is definitely a place worth visiting. What friends of mine have started doing and this is in large part to the folks at Blue Peg, Pink Peg with whom I’ve shared a getaway gaming experience for four years now, is renting a place (usually an AirBnB or VRBO location) and bringing games for four nights of gaming. We plan the meals in advance and everyone is responsible for some level of meal prep and clean-up…the rest of the time we dedicate to enjoying each other’s company and playing board games. Glad to hear you had a great time!


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