Have You Watched “Wolf Like Me”? (My Thoughts)

I really, really enjoyed the 6-episode first season of Peacock’s “Wolf Like Me,” and I’d highly recommend it as a half-hour romantic drama with a dose of comedy and supernatural elements.

While the name of the show seems designed to reveal the core twist of the show, in case you want to watch without knowing the hook, mild spoilers follow.

In Wolf Like Me, Josh Gadd plays a widowed single father who meets Isla Fischer’s character. They have an instant connection, but both have some baggage to work through.

Isla’s baggage is the primary twist: Every full moon, she turns into a werewolf. She is terrified of this part of herself–for good reason–and she’s built her life around it, including impressive home renovations to ensure that she keeps her wolf side locked down (literally and metaphorically). Josh learns her secret, and relationship-level drama ensues.

I can’t say enough good things about how well this concept is executed in Wolf Like Me. The show features some serious topics, but the acting, writing, and direction make the show feel grounded and uplifting. I think part of it is the setting of sunny Australia and the fact that the show keeps the focus on the relationship–I mean, I enjoyed True Blood for various reasons, but it constantly expands the scope of the show instead of exploring new angles for the core characters. I also adore What We Do in the Shadows, but it’s an inherently dark show–like, the lighting is literally dark in nearly every scene.

As binge-worthy as the show is, Megan and I found ourselves chatting between episodes about what our relationship would look like if one of us became a werewolf once a month. I think it would definitely add a new set of challenges, though not insurmountable. We’d really need to pay attention to when the next full moon is scheduled!

Have you watched Wolf Like Me? What did you think? How would you respond if your partner became a werewolf?

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