Odd Actor Age Differences in “The Valet” and “A Perfect Pairing”

Over the last few weekends, we watched several enjoyable romantic comedies with one key element in common: Exceedingly odd age differences between the actors.

In Hulu’s “The Valet,” which is essentially “Notting Hill” with the roles reversed and more diversity (which was great to see), the lead female is played 30-year-old Samara Weaving. Compare that to the lead male, played by Eugenio Derbez, who is 60 years old.

I completely understand that two people of very different ages can fall in love. Age isn’t a topic of discussion The Valet, though–the focus is on how famous Weaving’s character is compared to how normal Derbez’s character is. Yet the age difference was noticeable, so we looked it up and were quite shocked by the casting decision after seeing just how big the gap was.

In the other direction is Netflix’s “A Perfect Pairing,” a fish-out-of-water romance about winemaking–set on a sheep farm, of course, not a vineyard–29-year-old Victoria Justice plays the main character. Very early in the movie we meet her father, played by 36-year-old Antonio Alvarez.

And no, he’s not aged to look like her father. In fact, during their first scene together, we were fully convinced that he was Justice’s brother, as that would make much more sense for someone only 7 years older. But we were wrong–he’s definitely her father in the movie.

None of this is a critique of the actors themselves–they did a great job with the roles they were given. Rather, these just seem like very odd casting decisions. I’ve never really thought much about age differences among actors before these two films.

What do you think? Have you ever watched a movie and been surprised by the casting decisions in regards to age?

8 thoughts on “Odd Actor Age Differences in “The Valet” and “A Perfect Pairing””

  1. Two famous “odd age differences” in well-known movies is the twelve-year age difference between Sean Connery and Harrison Ford, who played father and son in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and the six-year age difference between Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate (Bancroft played the mother of Hoffman’s girlfriend). Despite the age differences in both movies, I think all four actors were perfectly cast in their roles.

  2. What about the age difference in Blank Check between the protaganist at the time (a child) and the love interest, an FBI adult agent 😬.

  3. I watched “The Valet” and enjoyed it. I think the show said that Eugenio Derbez’s character was 47 years old and I felt like Samara Weaving was planning a woman in her early 20’s, so both actors were playing characters younger than themselves. I like how the movie wasn’t trying to make their relationship seem genuine, it was all for show. I enjoyed the depiction of latin american culture in L.A.

  4. This is hilarious, we were just watching A Perfect Pairing and dying laughing at how they’re basically the same age. Thank you for finding out this info, I can’t stop laughing.

  5. Thanks! As we were watching Perfect Pairing, we were saying how much a strange casting choice like this (not a criticism of the actors, just the age difference), completely takes you out of the story because the characters aren’t just believable anymore!


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