Have You Ever Bought a “Cameo”?

We were recently watching to new season of Rutherford Falls (which is excellent), and one of the characters mentioned Cameo. It seems that I only ever hear about Cameo on scripted shows, though I think a friend may have gotten one for his birthday a few years ago.

The concept is pretty cool on a few different levels. The basic idea (if you’re not a celebrity) is that you can pay $50 through the platform to hire a celebrity to make a very short video just for you. I’m guessing this is most often used as a gift–like, you could share a friend’s first name, the special occasion, and a little more information with Tom Felton (from Harry Potter), and he’ll create a short video for you.

As fun as I think this is for fans, I think it’s even more clever for the celebrities. I’m sure that even mildly famous people are asked all the time to create these types of messages, so having a platform that facilitates the process in a safe, secure, and non-invasive way seems respectful of their time and privacy.

I will probably someday buy a Cameo for a friend or loved one. There are so many celebrities on it that I have no idea how I’ll choose someone, but if I do, I’ll try to cater it specifically for the recipient (someone they admire or enjoy).

Have you ever bought–or received–a Cameo? How was it?

4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Bought a “Cameo”?”

  1. We bought one for our son one year for his birthday; it was a youtuber that he was a huge fan of. He absolutely loved it. He ran up to his room to grab some money to try and pay us back for it, it was the sweetest thing 🙂 we turned him down of course!

  2. I haven’t bought one, but I watch a streamer that bought some and play them on stream. Specifically it was Tim Kitzrow (from NBA jam), it made the stream way more fun!


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