Have You Watched “The Worst Person in the World”? (My Thoughts)

There are two impeccably crafted scenes in the movie “The Worst Person in the World” that will stick with me for a long, long time.

I knew very little about the movie other than (a) it was well reviewed and (b) it was a romantic comedy. I’m not even quite sure that the rom com label applies, as there’s more drama than comedy, but there are definitely some funny moments.

The closest parallel is 500 Days of Summer, so before I get into the two scenes, if you like 500 Days of Summer, watch The Worst Person in the World (it’s on Hulu) before continuing.

***medium-level spoilers below***

The first scene that made a mark on me is when Julie quietly crashes a party and meets Eivind. There’s an instant connection, but both are in committed relationships and make it very clear that they will not cheat.

What ensues is a fascinating scene where they push the boundaries of intimacy without anything even remotely sexual. There’s a unique tension to the scene, because you’re witnessing two people who are definitely not cheating on paper, yet the moments they share–while fleeting–are also a betrayal of sorts to their respective partners.

The second scene is later in the movie when Julie literally pauses time to spend a passionate afternoon with someone who is not her partner. I truly mean “literally”–every atom in the universe freezes except for her and the other person.

The scene is heavy with the question “what if”. What if you could freeze time and do something that doesn’t “count”, whatever it is–something that you’ve contemplated or been tempted/intrigued by, but it will disrupt the fabric of your reality if you actually try it. That’s exactly what Julie does, and I don’t know if I breathed for a second throughout the entire scene. It’s beautiful and bittersweet and heartbreaking all at once.

If you’ve seen the movie, what did you think of those scenes?

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