My Favorite Thing About Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior

Before I switched our TV services to streaming-only, I fast-forwarded through a good 30 minutes of each episode of one of my favorite competitions, American Ninja Warrior.

The show features segments–most of them heartwarming, some of them funny–about many of their contestants before they attempt the obstacle course. While I appreciate the human touch, I wanted to get to the meat of the competition, and I didn’t feel the need for those segments to root for the athletes.

However, streaming makes skipping forward difficult, so we watch those segments…and I really enjoy them. I’m particularly moved by segments about ninjas who befriend the less fortunate or stick up for those who are bullied–if you’re in the mood for a good happy cry, American Ninja Warrior is here to help!

Do you watch these types of segments on shows like this?

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing About Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior”

  1. It has been fun to watch the ‘behind the scenes’ for some of these athletes and watch them (and their children for some) grow over the years. The past season or two has become a little less corny how these segments are edited. It was getting a bit much a couple years ago and we considered fast forwarding more, but thankfully that has settled down. I think most of the competitors are just really good people so their stories are compelling and worth watching.

  2. We usually wait until later in the season to start watching ANW, around the city finals. We watch it on a laptop in our kitchen while we peel and core pears for canning and pear sauce. Our pear trees produce about 300 lbs of pears in late august each year, so it takes a lot of hours to process them. We would probably fast forward through the stories more, but our hands are always too messy to touch the laptop.

    The stories are fine, I guess. But we watch it because of the obstacle course. It’s nice to know these are ordinary people, but they could do that in a 30 second bio before they start their run.

    Matt: “Next up is Christopher Moltisanti. They call him the Spaghetti Ninja because he makes his grandma’s famous spaghetti at the local soup kitchen every Sunday night.”
    Akbar: “That’s right Matt, his Nana passed away this year, and he’s got her face on his shirt as a tribute. His wife Adriana and his cousin Tony are here cheering him on today.”

    And it would save time to let us see more competitors. They always breeze through a handful of competitors without showing their full run, and I’d rather see them make their attempt than watch the heartwarming stories.


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