My Potato Chip Bag Life Hack

Okay, this may seem silly and dumb, but this is something I do that I’d genuinely recommend.

Two of my favorite chips come in paper bags with square bases (Billy Goat and Mission), so they remain on our counter for weeks at a time as we pluck a few chips out of the bag in passing.

However, the bags are really tall, so when we get down to the bottom, we have to reach pretty deep to grab a few chips. Billy Goat and Mission aren’t particularly greasy, but there’s still plenty of residue on the lining of the bag.

A while ago I realized that there’s a solution to this problem: When there’s only a third of the bag remaining, simply cut off the top half.

While it isn’t the fanciest of solutions, it works wonders for chip accessibility! I’m 100% serious that I do this for our chips–I just did it the other day for the bag in the photo.

Have you ever altered packaging of a food product to make it work for you? Let me know your favorite kitchen life hack!

4 thoughts on “My Potato Chip Bag Life Hack”

  1. I use that same solution for coffee beans, because pouring them into the grinder hopper is too wieldy when getting to the bottom. I keep the bag taped up for freshness. What keeps your chips fresh? Or do you like them chewy?

  2. You can also roll the bag down if you don’t have a scissors handy, or it’s one of the bags that when cut will tear in a way that destroys itself (the cellophane window).


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