“The Rehearsal” Is Already Amazing

Have you ever wished you could rehearse an important moment in your life before experiencing it for real?

Nathan Fielder’s new show takes that concept to the extreme. So far there’s only one episode available on HBO Max, but I highly recommend it–this is a show I’ll be joining for the journey and the conversations that emerge from it week to week.

Fielder’s previous show, Nathan For You, was about helping real businesses (but taking his support to comedic extremes). The Rehearsal is about helping real people with difficult/milestone moments in their lives, also to the extreme

For example, the first episode features a New Yorker who has fallen into a lie regarding his educational status, and he wants to come clean to his friends. The lie has been eating away at him for a long time, and Nathan offers to help him play out the confession before saying it.

While Nathan is doing this for the purpose of entertainment, I really appreciate that he is trying to help people. He goes way over the top in how he stages the rehearsal (his crew builds an exact replica of the bar where the confession will happen), which is amusing and quite remarkable, but both the motivation and the result pulls at my heartstrings.

I really don’t want to spoil just how far Nathan goes to make the rehearsal as close to real life as possible. If this intrigues you at all, I highly recommend checking out the first episode on HBO Max. Let me know what you think if/when you do.

5 thoughts on ““The Rehearsal” Is Already Amazing”

  1. I agree. It was quite remarkable. Nathan For You wasn’t… for me. That show’s emphasis on awkward comedy made me squirm. But this first episode of The Rehearsal had me rooting for the person being helped, empathizing with their situation, on the edge of my seat when the final scene arrived, and astounded at the depth of humanity I witnessed.

    Because I was looking away from the screen at the time, that final scene caught me incredibly off-guard.

  2. Agreed! This first episode of “The Rehearsal” was the first time I’ve seen Nathan. I’m now deep into watching “Nathan For You”… fantastic stuff! There is something about discovering new-to-me but existing things that is very satisfying.

  3. Watched the first episode after reading this when you first posted it and found it intriguing. Having watched episodes 2 & 3 now it’s definitely taken an interesting turn! Have you continued to watch it?

    It’s difficult to know how much of it is genuine or not.


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