What Did You Think of Thor: Love and Thunder? (My Thoughts)

Thor: Ragnarok is one of my favorite Marvel movies, and I love pretty much anything director Taika Waititi makes, so I was excited to check out his newest installment in the Thor series of films.

My quick response to watching it is: I laughed a lot, I enjoyed the action, I was delighted by a surprise love connection, and I was touched by several more serious storylines. If you enjoy Marvel movies, Taika Waititi, or goats, I recommend Thor: Love and Thunder.

(spoilers below)

Here are some random thoughts/observations from the film:

  • I love seeing how the world changes as the result of superheroes and events from previous films, so I was delighted by how touristy New Asgard is. I would gladly visit.
  • While I didn’t want him to succeed, I thought Gorr had a plausible motivation for his evil acts, which always helps when there’s an evil villain. I also like how he was able to sink into the ground–it added an extra layer of difficulty.
  • I thought the black-and-white fight scene on the shadowy planet was beautiful. It reminded me a bit of the Sin City aesthetic.
  • I was constantly delighted by Thor’s love connection with Stormbreaker (while yearning a bit for Mjolnir).
  • It was fun to watch the kids of Asgard battle shadow monsters.
  • My favorite 3 minutes of the film were the snappy dialogue with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The cameos were great, especially Melissa McCarthy in the Asgard play.
  • I really liked seeing more LGBTQ+ representation in a Marvel film.
  • I was glad to see Natalie Portman return, and it was impressive to see her switch between the Mighty Thor and a stage-4 cancer patient. I also really enjoyed the brief flashbacks showing her and Thor trying to live normal life with each other. I want more of that in Marvel films.
  • Chris Hemsworth was excellent as always, and Megan rather enjoyed the Omnipotence City scene. I wish there was a bit more Valkyrie. She’s in the film quite a bit, though I feel like she wasn’t given all that much to do. She’s great–I’m always happy for more Tessa Thompson.
  • The film felt just a tad disjointed, and I read that there were significant scenes left on the editing room floor. I’m sure that was all for good reason, and I still enjoyed what we got.

What did you think of Thor: Love and Thunder?

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