Did You Watch “Prey” This Weekend? (My Thoughts)

I’ve watched a few of the Predator movies, with the original remaining the most memorable for me. When I heard the concept for Prey–a Predator movie set hundreds of years ago, with the hunt involving Native Americans–I was very intrigued, and then later encouraged by glowing reviews to watch it on opening weekend.

My quick, non-spoiler review is that I love Prey. It’s beautifully filmed (I cannot overstate this–the sheer amount of nature in the movie is stunning), it features an abundance of tension and action, and it’s really well acted (I hope many of these talented actors appear in other films in the future).

I thought I had read that the movie was filmed in both English and Comanche, and we had to search around on Hulu for the Comanche version (it isn’t a language setting on the primary movie). As it turns out, the Comanche version is dubbed, so the actors’ lips don’t match what they’re saying. If that doesn’t bother you, I think it would be interesting to watch the Comanche version with (or without) English subtitles; otherwise you could do what we did and watch the English version as it was filmed.

I don’t want to say more about the movie so you can discover things as the characters do. But I really enjoyed the film even more than I thought I would, and I’d say that it might be one of the best movies of its kind, especially thanks to several key decisions in the script involving whom you’re rooting for, the main actress and her brother, and the setting. I would guess that most scenes in this movie were filmed in a real forest (confirmed: in Calgary), and you can feel the difference.

Prey is available on Hulu in the US (and I think Disney+ outside of the US). Let me know what you think if you watch it!

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  1. I enjoyed the fact there was much more of a focus on the characters than other Predator movies. The action is still there, and at times more thrilling. Due to the time period, the weapons dictate a lot more up close fighting. The movie could stand as an intro into the Predator universe or the latest for those who have seen them all. Not many franchise movies can pull that off. Agree the filming and acting are really well done.


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