Are You Enjoying She-Hulk as Much as I Am?

I’ve enjoyed every Marvel show on Disney+ so far, but I’m starting to think that She-Hulk might be my favorite (though it’s tough to beat Loki, and I loved What If).

If you haven’t seen it, She-Hulk is a half-hour legal action-comedy. There are ongoing storylines, but like many legal shows, each episode features a specific case handled by She-Hulk. I’m finding that I really like the half-hour length of the show.

Legal dramas aren’t a genre that typically excite me, but these aren’t ordinary cases–these are all about the world of Marvel! Villains, heroes, other dimensions…I didn’t realize it, but this is what I was missing about the Marvel Universe: How the presence of superpowers impacts our social systems.

This reminds me a bit of how much I love that there’s a lawyer in the crew of the main ship in the far-future sci-fi novel series The Final Architecture. I love seeing everyday jobs appear in fantasy and science fiction. We have healers in every dungeon crawl game–where are all the lawyers and accountants?

Anyway, I’m charmed by She-Hulk, and I’m all for more half-hour Marvel shows. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Are You Enjoying She-Hulk as Much as I Am?”

  1. We are so blessed by wonderful work all around us! Which character or franchise would you love to see Disney or Netflix cover next?

    • For Netflix, Red Rising. For Disney, maybe some the Fantastic Four? Their movies haven’t worked, but maybe they could work better in a show format.


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