Have You Watched “Uncoupled”? (My Thoughts)

We were looking for a lunchtime show earlier this month, and Megan noticed Netflix promoting a new Neil Patrick Harris comedy. NPH is enough to sell me on a show, so we gave Uncoupled a try.

We finished the first season over the course of a week, and overall, I really enjoyed it. It seems to hit most of the beats of the original Sex in the City, but instead of following the love lives of 4 heterosexual women, Uncoupled focuses on 3 homosexual men (and LGBTQ+ culture in general).

For that reason, I found the show as fascinating as it was entertaining. It’s a little sad at times–it starts with a breakup, the effects of which linger for the entire season–but it’s often quite funny. I’m impressed that the show unabashedly leans so heavily into the LGBTQ+ theme (opposed to having just a token gay character).

If you enjoyed the best parts of Sex in the City, I’d definitely recommend Uncoupled, as it really does hit very similar beats. I’m curious about your thoughts if you’ve given it a try!

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