What Did You Think of “No Time to Die”? (My Thoughts)

Despite the grandeur of the Bond franchise, I had very low expectations going into the final film starring Daniel Craig. Fortunately, I needn’t have worried: I really enjoyed the movie.

Craig plays James Bond in 5 movies, starting with Casino Royale. I must admit it’s been years since I’ve watched that movie, but I remember it being a fun combination of action, humor, intrigue, far-fetched technology, spy stuff, and high stakes.

However, as the Craig series continued, a trend emerged that made the movies less fun for me: They became more serious (even gloomy at times), less comedic, and they favored explosive action over more subtle spy-style maneuvering.

Fortunately for the final movie, the writers and directors seemed to remember what made Bond awesome in the first place while still making the audience care about Bond himself. There’s big action, but the movie doesn’t rely solely on it; there are serious moments, but there are also some funny and tongue-in-cheek movies; there are also some cool gadgets.

I’m mostly just sharing all this because if you became less interested in Bond after the last few movies, I think it’s worth watching this Craig sendoff. If you’ve seen it, what did you think?

1 thought on “What Did You Think of “No Time to Die”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. It was a great way to wrap his stint, for all the reasons you said. My favourite part was where he teams up with Ana de Armas, and says “You did well.”, and she sincerely and genuinely says, “You too.”


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