What Do You Think of “House of the Dragon” So Far? (My Thoughts)

I enjoyed the return to Westeros in the first episode of House of the Dragon, the new Game of Thrones show. But I thought the second episode was one of the best dramatic hours of television I’ve watched in a long time.

When I look back at Game of Thrones, it’s the big moments that stand out to me: The epic battles, betrayals, and reveals.

However, now that I’ve watched the first and second episodes of House of the Dragon, I’m reminded of what made Game of Thrones great for me: the game itself.

The conversations, the deception, the maneuvering, the tumultuous relationships, the things that go unsaid, the uncomfortable alliances, the betrayals…these are the elements that entranced me in Game of Thrones.

It’s exactly those elements that are on full display in the second episode of House of the Dragon. Perhaps I’m forgetting something, but I can’t remember a single act of violence in that episode. Just conversations. Yes, there are dragons, but they’re used only as a show of force.

I loved this episode and hope for more like. Sure, a big set piece each season would be awesome, but I’m happy for the core content of the show to be similar to the second episode.

What do you think of House of the Dragon so far?

5 thoughts on “What Do You Think of “House of the Dragon” So Far? (My Thoughts)”

  1. Jamey,

    I’m a big fan! As someone who read all of the books (thus far) and thoroughly enjoyed every Game of Thrones’ season, I awaited House of Dragons with glee as we return to Westeros. I will say, they’re jumping into the action much earlier than GoT.


  2. It’s more sedate than Game of Thrones, but I’m enjoying revisiting this world.

    I was worried I’d never be able to see Matt Smith as anything but Dr Who, but somehow he works here.

    Like the other poster here, I liked all of GoT and font hood with the conventional “the last few seasons sucked” viewpoint.

    • I loved GoT until the last season. The finale was a huge letdown. Kinda disappointed this show is being filmed dark like everybody screamed about when GoT did it. I can’t see Matt Smith as anything other than Prince Phillip, so I’m stuck there. He’s good at playing a jerk. Still interested in continuing though.


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