My Favorite SNL Sketches This Season (So Far)

I’m always happy for a new season (48!) of Saturday Night Live to begin, and we’re already 3 weeks in. By far my favorite week featured Brendan Gleeson, during which I realized that he was in Braveheart.

Weekend Update continues to be consistently great, but it’s the best sketches that always etch their way into my memory and my “liked” videos on YouTube. Below are my #1 picks from each week, followed by links to my other favorites.

Week 1 Favorite: A bank robbery has a twist; this is when I learned what BeReal is.

Week 2 Favorite: A blood oath goes wrong; I’ve always wondered why this doesn’t happen more often.

Week 3 Favorite: A dad can’t see what everyone else is looking at; this is a super random sketch, but it had me laughing out loud.

Other favorites from season 48:

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