Did You Figure Out All the Voice Actors in “DC League of Super Pets”?

Let me know if you relate to this: Whenever I watch an animated movie, I spend at least half the movie trying to figure out who the voice actors are.

In a way, I miss the days when major live-action actors didn’t also do voice acting, as then there would be no puzzle to solve (at least, not one that my brain would want me to solve). Because once I hear a familiar voice, I can’t stop wondering who the actor is.

This happened while watching DC League of Super Pets this past weekend (which was quite good–it’s a super-hero movie, but with both super-animals and super-humans). I was pretty sure I knew most of the actors midway through the movie, but I couldn’t figure out the main antagonist. Plus, that was around the time that I realized that the entire human Justice League also had big-name voices, so I was trying to figure out them as well.

Sometimes I just go to IMDB to figure it out, but I didn’t give up this time…all the way to the end credits. It was fun to see which names I got right, though.

Do you do this when you watch animated movies? What did you think of DC League of Super Pets? My favorite character was the turtle.

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