Have You Ever Lost an Hour?

Yesterday I had the completely surreal experience of losing an hour.

Walter (cat #2) woke me up at 6:45 for some food, and my day began.

By around 8:00 I had answered most emails in my inbox and done my daily checkup of social media, and I got to work on my Monday Stonemaier blog post. There were a few interruptions while I wrote, but I’m nearly positive I wrapped up the post at 9:30 at the latest, took care of a few other tasks, then took a 20-minute workout break.

While I was putting on my sneakers for the workout, Megan told me to hurry–she was getting hungry. She doesn’t eat breakfast, so it isn’t unusual for her to sometimes get hungry a little earlier than our 11:00 lunch break. I smiled and recommended that she have a little snack.

After my shower, I figured it was around 10:15 and that I had around 45 minutes before lunch, but I noticed that Megan already had her lunch food out on the kitchen counter. She pointed at the clock and said it was lunchtime. She was absolutely right–every clock in the house (I checked) read 11:15.

I was completely baffled. I really, truly have no idea where that hour went. It is completely lost to me. I know I didn’t spend nearly 3 hours on that blog post and other related tasks, and I can still visualize the clock at 9:45 when I started my workout. It isn’t a long workout.

Yet the clocks don’t lie–there’s no doubt that I lost an hour. It’s so surreal. Have you ever had this happen? How do you explain it?

6 thoughts on “Have You Ever Lost an Hour?”

  1. That is very surreal, Jamey! I cannot say that I have ever had the experience of losing an hour like that, though there are of course times that time seems to pass more quickly or more slowly. We do however have a mystery portal in our apartment! We are sure of it. So far, there are 4 or 5 objects that have just disappeared! I mean, we are using the item, put it down for a second and never find it again. It has happened with a screwdriver, a spoon that I dropped and never found again, a charging cable and one or two other items. It’s a total mystery!

    I like the Dalí painting you added to the post. He is my favourite artist, and while we were back in Ireland last month, we went to Barcelona to visit Glai’s sister who lives there, and from there took a day trip to his museum in Figueres. I always thought I would love to see a Dalí version of Dixit! Maybe Stonemaier Games could get a license for it! 🙂

  2. It seems you experienced a state of FLOW. Although strange (and a tad bit disturbing) to me at first, I thoroughly enjoy (and seek out) each experience nowadays.

    For me, my time is mostly a resource and tool I alone can use. The delegation or elimination of tasks I do not enjoy continues to increase my ability to concentrate on projects I am completely immersed in. In my flow states, I can lose 3-4 hours when passion projects take hold. I can even seem to gain time when “productivity” seems maximized for an extended period of time

    I have enjoyed reading about flow, as well as using it to relax. 😀😀


    Have a good day!

    • It’s quite possible, Karl! I’ve felt that around creative design time, but it really doesn’t feel like I took that long on the blog post (and I shouldn’t have spent that much time on it). 🙂

  3. So weird, Jamey. The EXACT same thing happened to me about seven months ago, sometime in the spring. I was asleep, but I know for certain it was 2:00 AM. Then, all of a sudden, it was 3:00.


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