What Would Happen if Parents Cashed in All Childhood Coupons?

I had this thought while watching an episode of Home Economics today.

When I was a kid, among the most common gifts we gave our parents were coupon books that we created. The idea was that whenever Mom or Dad wanted, they could cash in a coupon to gain an amazing reward like:

  • a hug
  • a car wash
  • help with laundry
  • breakfast in bed

I’m sure Mom and Dad occasionally used these coupons, but it was pretty rare. It’s quite possible they’re still in a box in their basement.

None of these coupons have expiration dates. So technically Mom could still cash in all of them. Which would be hilarious and amazing; I’d honor every one.

Did you give your parents coupon books like this when you were a kid? What types of coupons did you offer? What would you do if your parents cashed them in now?

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