What’s Your Favorite Silly T-Shirt?

Despite the 20+ printed t-shirts I own (many of which are Stonemaier-related), I’m fairly picky about t-shirts. I really like a fitted Bella Canvas polyester mix with blended printing. If a shirt isn’t soft, doesn’t fit well, or has a rubbery feel to the printing, it’s quickly removed from the rotation.

I also really like well-designed shirts that have a little “inside” joke to them for those who recognize it. Just for fun, today I thought I’d share my four favorite shirts of that style that I actively wear.

I have a few gaming-related shirts, and this is one of them. I like the idea of wearing a shirt that gives me victory points:

I didn’t get into Dune until I played the Dune Imperium board game, but then I had to have this vintage-style shirt.

An Instagram ad inspired this purchase. I fully support the Oxford comma. One of the characters on Home Economics recently wore this shirt!

This shirt is inspired by our game, Wingspan. I love the design.

What’s your favorite silly t-shirt that you actively wear?

11 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Silly T-Shirt?”

  1. Oooh Jamey! You have just touched on one of my favourite subjects! Prepare for a long answer! 😅

    I am very passionate silly t-shirts, or—as I actively call them—my “nerd shirts”. I have _way_ too many t-shirts but I still keep buying them. I am known for them too. If I ever show up at work wearing a standard, boring t-shirt with something generic like a surf board or something (that rarely happens), colleagues stop and stare at it and then say “I don’t get it”. They are actively looking for a pun in my shirts, and I love that.

    Wearing my t-shirts, I want to share the things I’m passionate about. Obviously, I own a lot of board games shirts, but I work in IT and I’m very much into science, so I own a lot of shirts that are geeky, that are linked to IT, or that are a nod to the social anxiety almost every IT guy (including me) has.

    Some examples. I love my “You read my T-shirt and that’s enough social interaction for today” shirt. I wouldn’t wear it everywhere because people might misinterpret it, but at work everybody smiles when they see it. I love my “There’s no place like” shirt, that only true geeks will get. I love a shirt that simply says “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. And I love my shirt that simply says “42” on the front and “Don’t panic” at the back. I also love cat shirts, and silly word joke shirts like the one saying “Seal of Approval”, showing a sea dog saying “Nice!”. And being a nostalgic person, I love shirts showing objects from the ’80s, like my shirt that shows a pencil and an old cassette tape, with the text “AGE TEST: what is the relation between these objects?”—people LOVE solving that test, and feel proud they can.

    I carefully consider what I wear. I love to tie my clothing to my activities, or to events. On March 14 (pi day, 3/14), I will wear a shirt showing the pi symbol, consisting of over 1,000 tiny digits of pi. On May 4 (May the Fourth be with you), I will wear a Star Wars shirt. When I go to board game related activities, I will wear a Stonemaier or other board game shirt. When we have activities at work where I’m co-ordinating the technical stuff as the jack-of-all-trades, I wear my jokingly passive aggressive shirt “Let me drop everything to work on _your_ problem”—again I shirt I wouldn’t wear everywhere, but at work the love it. 😅

    2 very recent examples of thematic shirts, from this week. Last Wednesday, I have been teaching InDesign all day, and I was wearing this: https://ibb.co/wzvpQWg. Most people won’t get it, but my students should! 😛 As I’m writing this, I’m on my way to work for day 2 of that class, and now I’m wearing this: https://ibb.co/vDj8FXq (I guess calling it “silly t-shirts” is a good name).

    Well, as you might very well realise by now: I could go on for hours. 😂
    Let me just say I noticed you like nice shirts too (it’s one of the first thing I’m looking at when opening a SM YouTube video), and that I appreciate the thematic ties you also often make with your clothing (e.g., wearing a Wingspan related shirt when making a Wingspan announcement).

    Let me finish by sharing some of my favourite places to shop. Before import duties from US to EU were so problematic as they are right now, I used to shop a lot at thinkgeek.com (https://www.gamestop.com/clothing/mens/t-shirts). Now, I’m looking more in Europe, and my favourite go-to place is https://www.getdigital.co.uk/shop/clothing. I also love and adore https://www.teeturtle.com/collections/mens-favorites. And often, I find cool stuff on Etsy, or just at conventions. Like in Essen, where I always buy stuff from Mr. Meeple (https://meeple.info/en_US/c/T-shirts/13). By the way, I like other clothing like geeky socks as well, but don’t get me started on those. 😂

    • Karel: There are so many good shirts here! I think my favorite of these might actually be the first one you mentioned: “You read my T-shirt and that’s enough social interaction for today”

  2. Nice t-shirts Jamey. I have been known to wear silly t-shirts from time to time, but my favourite is one where a cute drawing of Jason from Friday the 13th is standing in his mask with his machete, looking disappointed, beside a calendar that gives the date as Friday the 12th. Very silly but it made me laugh when I first saw it!

  3. Similar to Karel, when I don’t wear graphic tees people look at me funny. Most of my collection is the usual geek stuff like Star Wars and Transformers and a couple comic ones. My favorites are my Metroid tees and the Stonemaier tees. But then a few of the silly ones are:

    You lost me @ hello
    Bring back naptime
    Chaotic Neutral: I like to keep all my options on the table

    Also Jamey, I think pretty highly of you. Created a wonderful company and games and you’re very down to earth in your online presence so I did not think my opinion of you could get higher. And then you posted your Oxford Comma shirt. Good job, you raised the bar again. 😀

    I am 100% with you on the shirt has to feel good and fit nicely. It could have the best graphic on it but if it feels to tight or loose or too scratchy, it won’t get worn.

    • Thanks Sean! I’m glad to hear you’re a fellow supporter of the Oxford comma. 🙂 I really like “You lost me @ hello”.

  4. I have several from the Blue Peg, Pink Peg podcast which are quite silly, but my favorite comes from a Japanese linguist colleague who got me a shirt with an oversized human walking through the streets of Tokyo and it says, “I’m really big in Japan”


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