Have You Watched Black Adam, Avatar 2, and Spirited? (my thoughts)

Over the last few weeks we’ve watched some big, entertaining movies (streaming and in the theater). Below are a few thoughts about each one.

Black Adam: We watched this on the day that DC announced they would be rebooting the entire DC cinematic universe. The Rock is convincing as a nearly invincible anti-hero, and the movie has a relentless pace with barely a pause between one big action scene and the next. It made me wonder a bit about the future of superhero movies in which nearly invincible characters clash–at a certain point they’re just like big bouncy balls colliding over and over again, with the only stakes being the massive damage they create all around them.

Avatar: The Way of Water: This film is so incredibly beautiful. Pandora is a place I’d gladly revisit time and time again thanks to James Cameron’s worldbuilding and visuals, and the focus on the natural beauty of the ocean contrasts perfectly against the technology of the humans. It’s a long movie that sometimes felt like a long movie–and one that hit a number of beats as the original film–but everything looks so darn good that I didn’t mind. Plus, Cameron is a master at filming action scenes. I highly recommend seeing this in the theater (probably in 2D if you’re still masking like we are).

Spirited: Of these three films, Spirited caught me off guard the most for how much I enjoyed it. A good 30-40% of the movie is pure Broadway musical, and a very catchy one at that. The other 60-70% is a really strong, creative twist on the ghosts of past, present, and future–there are so many meta layers that I don’t want to spoil here. We just watched it last night, and I had a great time watching Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, Octavia Spencer, and others have fun with each other.

I’m looking forward to finishing the year with Knives Out 2 and Strange World. I also think I need to finally watch RRR…I’m just a little deterred by the idea of a 3-hour musical.

What did you think of these movies?

4 thoughts on “Have You Watched Black Adam, Avatar 2, and Spirited? (my thoughts)”

  1. I haven’t seen Black Adam but that’s an interesting thought at the end of the paragraph. It’s essentially how Man of Steel ended and acted as the inciting incident for Bruce in the quasi-sequel Batman v Superman, he wanted to stop the invincible bouncing balls from doing so much damage!

    Totally agree about Avatar! I was enthralled from start to finish in the visual spectacle. I saw it in 2D and am considering going back to see it in 3D if and when the crowds wane.

    Spirited was a surprise! The songs were very well done and I enjoyed some of the twists in the story along the way. I think this will definitely be in our holiday rotation going forward!

  2. We love movies but yet to watch any in the list!. I think Donna has us down for watching avatar in 3D at the cinema . ( I loved the original Avatar snd simply cannot wait to be immersed in that world again) .

    Spirited was not on the radar but certainly is now . I’m not a big super hero fan but would certainly watch Black Adam if the opportunity arises ( Netflix /prime) .

    RRR? Forget about the time, it’s incredible!. We watched it twice it’s that good!


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