Have You Watched “Wakanda Forever”? (My Thoughts)

I am so impressed by Ryan Coogler’s sequel to Black Panther for a number of reasons.

The first is that Chadwick Boseman, having passed away due to cancer, isn’t in the movie at all…yet his impact as the original Black Panther is felt throughout the film. It’s hard to describe how brilliantly this delicate balance is implemented. It’s a raw, emotional Marvel film that allows both the fictional characters and the real audience to process the loss of Boseman. Wisely, Coogler doesn’t rush the return of a new Black Panther, instead shining the spotlight on the incredible women of Wakada for most of the film.

The second is the introduction of yet another fascinating, powerful empire hidden from the world, this time the underwater nation of Talocan. I love discovering new worlds–especially those hidden in plain sight–and it was a lot of fun to explore Talocan and learn about its people.

The third is the music. It’s SO good. I felt chills during the scene when the new Black Panther is introduced, and the song selected for the journey through Talocan is great too.

The story presents the characters with some difficult decisions, though there was one decision that didn’t feel nearly as compelling as the others. At one point, Namor gives Shuri the “choice” between joining him for world domination or being destroyed by Talocan. Surely there are a few other options they could have explored.

The one other misstep, in my opinion, was the attack on Wakanda. Namor flexes his abilities and army, damages the city, kills the queen…and then says, “I’ll be back in one week!” It works for pacing and for the movie, but it felt odd. He had clearly already decided to destroy Wakanda, so why give them another week to prepare?

Oh, and Ironheart was awesome. I hope they let her shine at the same level of Iron Man in MCU phases I-III.

Overall, I loved this movie and will watch anything that Coogler makes. He’s one of the few directors who let the camera linger on scenes and actors instead of using quick cuts. I always have a clear sense of place in his films.

What did you think of Wakanda Forever?

2 thoughts on “Have You Watched “Wakanda Forever”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. Loooooved it. For all of the reasons you said, for continuing to push me to think and rethink about foreign policy, for celebrating humanity and society, for being FUN. I loved it.

  2. I agree with everything you said, except for the Ironheart character. Her jokes didn’t really land for me most of the time, and actually detracted from the more serious tone that was being established in several of the scenes they tried to insert her humor into. Also, her role in the plot as the walking macguffin felt distractingly similar to the role of America Chavez from Dr. Strange 2.

    Overall however, I really enjoyed the movie and think its easily the second best film to come out of Phase 4, right behind the wonderful No way Home.


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