The Haves and the Have Yachts

There’s really no way around it: We were incredibly pampered and spoiled during our week on my uncle’s yacht. I’ve never had a vacation that has come close to such service (see a full description of what I learned from the crew here).

For context, here’s what I usually eat on any normal day: oatmeal for breakfast and half a cup of black coffee, the equivalent of half a sandwich for lunch with water and V8, and a salad, nuts, berries, and maybe a piece of bread with my oat milk at dinner.

The yacht offered…more. A lot more.

Every breakfast had the option of yogurt and cereal, along with the omelet of the day, fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice, any coffee beverage we desired, and a hefty carb (e.g., pancakes, eggs benedict, etc). There was also several full plates of crispy bacon and sausages to make us vegetarians wonder if we should eat meat for the week (we didn’t break, though we did have fish).

Every lunch had a theme to it, whether it was Mexican food, lobster rolls, poke bowls, you name it. All fresh, all delicious.

Lunch is also when the drinks began flowing. I usually have at most 1 alcoholic drink per week, often none at all. But on the yacht, the option for drinks was always there, and I indulged in several cocktails each day. They were particularly nice for taking our mind off the seasickness.

In fact, the moment I knew I was truly spoiled was when we returned from a jet skiing excursion one day and were 15 minutes into a game of Clank Catacombs when I realized that no one had asked if I wanted a pina colada. Yes, really. This is what 5-star service does to you.

Dinners were the most extravagant. Each meal had a major theme to it, with the table beautifully decorated. The chef went all-out for these meals, almost all of which were fish focused with fresh bread, a soup to start, and a homemade dessert at the end.

The table was always dressed with different plates and fixtures, each tucked into little hidden cubbies and cabins in the boat. We learned late in the week that two of the stewardesses have won awards for their table dressings.

Here’s my little nephew on disco night in one of my favorite photos of the week:

Food is one of my main highlights and pursuits when I travel, so all of these amazing meals really made for a special, memorable vacation. I also gained 3 pounds.

If you could have one day of perfect meals and drinks, what would those meals and drinks be?

2 thoughts on “The Haves and the Have Yachts”

  1. Great trip…it of course begs the question what does (or did) he do for a living? Clearly not game design. All kidding aside, I would enjoy an omelet with cheese and mushrooms, topped with fresh asparagus. Additio9nally, I would enjoy several pieces of crisp bacon, freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of coffee…preferably a Lavender Latte. Lunch would be crab, shrimp, and scallops over linguini, served with well-prepared, crunchy garlic bread. Finally, for dinner, a medium rare porterhouse or filet mignon with sautéed mushrooms and truffle mashed potatoes. This would be paired with a fine Syrah..

    • The uncle who owns the yacht is an architect (he owns an architecture firm). We actually had an omelet with cheese, but spinach instead of mushrooms. 🙂


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