Athletes Celebrating the Assist (Pet Please #162)

Scoring a goal in a team sport at any level is an amazing achievement that’s worth celebrating. I’m saying this up front because I don’t want what follows to detract at all from the person who scores. It’s requires timing, speed, strength, and the ability to finish. As someone who played soccer for most of my life, it always felt really good to score.

However, I’ve been watching a lot of soccer highlights, and at least 50% of all goals are just as much–if not even more–a product of the assist than the person who puts the ball in the goal. Yet most celebrations center around the scorer.

Again, I get it. It makes sense. But it also means that whenever a goal scorer goes out of their way to celebrate the person who assisted them instead of just themselves, I’m really happy. You’ve probably seen this if you watch team sports–it involves a lot of pointing, indicating, “You did this! You’re amazing! I couldn’t have done this without you!” I love that.

What’s your sports-related pet please of the week?

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