Have You Ever Binged a Show or Podcast?

Up until a few years ago, the concept of binging a show was completely foreign to me. I was aware of the concept, but I just couldn’t imagine watching more than a few hours of television in one sitting. Also, most of the shows I watched were week to week.

Then it happened: I sat down for dinner one evening to watch the first season of Master of None, and I just kept going. There was a point midway through where I thought, “I should really get up and go back to work,” but I was so caught up in the show that I just sunk into the couch and watched until the end. I knew it wasn’t something I’d do often, and I don’t regret it.

Megan enjoys the binging experience, and we’ve done it a few times, though it’s typically spread out over a few days. Most recently, we binged the second season of The White Lotus over a weekend. The last evening in particular felt the most “bingy,” as we watched two episodes and only had the finale left, so we went for it.

I’ve also binged a podcast, which I never thought would be something I’d do, but I was absolutely hooked on the Missed Fortune podcast. It’s around 10 episodes about a real-life treasure hunt.

Really, I have two questions for you:

  1. Have you ever binged a show or podcast?
  2. Have you ever binged a show or podcast that you didn’t plan to binge? Why did it hook you?

4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Binged a Show or Podcast?”

  1. Jamey,

    In 2020-2021, I probably binged more shows and podcasts than ever before. Even when Netflix used to drop every episode of House of Cards, I still took weeks to watch it as I wanted to savor the program. However, once COVID started, I worked from home for 16 months, and I watched or more precisely, binged, a whole lot more programming, including Narcos, Narcos Mexico, and the Expanse. For Podcasts, I had stopped listening to Ludology after Geoff left, so I listened to 100+ podcast episodes.


  2. The podcast “Hardcore History.” I had heard about it over the years but never really had any interest until someone recommended a book “Dead Wake” by Erik Larson which was about the sinking of the Lusitania told from 3 perspectives. It hooked me on the idea of history made interesting by good storytelling. So I looked into Hardcore History and was hooked. They have the most recent episodes available for free but the past series they sell for a nominal fee. 100% worth the cost in my opinion! Related, I devoured Erik Larson’s other books as well!

  3. I absolutely binge TV and podcasts! Depends on the content, obviously. But especially if there is complicated material or a lot to keep track of, it can be fun to dive into the world and not spend time catching up and remembering things each time you sit down to watch one more episode. I also think some shows are designed to be binged now. They often feel like a movie in installments rather than episodes.

    • That’s a great point about more complicated, interwoven content! We definitely felt that way about all the different questions and mysterious in White Lotus.


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