Have You Watched RRR? (My Thoughts)

After seeing the movie RRR movie appear on so many top 10 lists for 2022 from my favorite film site, Slashfilm, and after several friends recommended, I planned an RRR movie night for me and Megan this weekend. It basically involved lots of tasty Indian food, the movie itself on Netflix, and the mental preparedness to watch a 3-hour subtitled movie.

RRR is a big, fun Bollywood movie, and it includes a really interesting version of friendship that I wasn’t expecting. In a way, the movie is about two nearly superhuman people who bond over their desire to help others (at any cost). There are numerous big action scenes set in actual Indian history (colonialism is truly the worst), as well as a few dance scenes that left me wondering if the film was sped up or if the actors can really dance that fast–either way, it’s impressive.

I appreciate that Netflix offers various subtitle and dubbing options, as we typically like to watch movies in the original language so the voices and mouth movements match up well. However, RRR was originally filmed in the Telugu language, which is not available on Netflix. Most of the original actors recorded the dubbing in Hindi, so you can get their voices but not the mouth alignment, complemented by English subtitles.

That’s how we watched it…but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, I would recommend English dubbing with no subtitles for one specific reason: It removes the one annoying part of the movie, which is songs that describe the thing you’re watching on the screen at that very moment (and, slightly less annoying, lyrics in those songs that ponder what may happen later in the movie).

For those who have seen RRR, I have one slightly spoiler question: Why didn’t Ram tell Bheem his motivations? I get that he didn’t want to give away his secret to someone he didn’t trust, but I think it was pretty clear early in their friendship that he could trust Bheem and that Bheem wasn’t a British sympathizer. In fact, halfway through the movie Ram knows for sure that Bheem is working against the British, and yet he still fights him (and worst) with reckless abandon, which seemed to actually go against his goal of arming the people of India.

What did you think of RRR?

4 thoughts on “Have You Watched RRR? (My Thoughts)”

  1. Maybe, it was out of concern that he might be tortured and could not chance it. It is a good question. The movie was much more fun than I was expecting.

  2. I don’t have a good answer to your question…but I did watch RRR last year with friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed it much more than we were expecting! I was dreading the dance numbers, but they’re so impressive that they were nearly like fight scenes with the fast choreography. And the action was so over the top and fun. And the friendship between the two lead characters really came through. Very glad I watched it!

  3. I saw it last Friday. I enjoyed the dancing and comedic fish out of water elements of the first half of the movie. The constant superhero action scenes of the later half got a bit tiring (as the movie got more and more violent). I would have liked to see Bheem’s relationship with Jenny be explored more, but I understand that Ram and Bheem’s relationship is what really mattered. It was fun to see a movie where the European characters were very much the foreigners. If you want to learn more about the history of the British occupation of India I recommend watching the PBS series “Indian Summers”.


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