Have You Watched “The Menu”? (My Thoughts)

My 2023 movie watching is off to a very strong start, and I’m sure that I’ll be thinking of The Menu for a long time.

Megan and I had just finished watching season 19 of Top Chef, and we recently watched The White Lotus. The Menu is a little bit like a combination of those two shows into one dark comedy film.

In The Menu, you join a few people as they go to an isolated, highly acclaimed restaurant for dinner. It’s a very dark movie, balancing on the edge of horror, but never quite getting there. I won’t say more than that, as I think it’s worth discovering as you watch.

Despite the dark elements, it really is also quite funny. We laughed a number of times, and I delighted in the description of every course as it appeared on the screen. Hong Chau’s character in particular had some of the best lines.

I would highly recommend The Menu to any foodie who is comfortable with darker movies. If you’ve seen it, I’m curious about your thoughts in the comments!

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