My Top 10 Favorite Games of 2022

9 years ago, I started running Stonemaier Games full time. As was the case before then–but especially after then–I play a lot of published games, both because I love tabletop games and because I have so much to learn from my peers.

As I do every year, yesterday I posted a video showcasing my favorite games that were released or widely available for the first time in 2022.

Various Categories

• New Stonemaier-Related Products Released This Year: Smitten, Viticulture World, Wingspan Asia, Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest, Between Two Cities Essential Edition, Rolling Realms promos

Favorite Expansions: Magic (Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and Dominaria United), Aquatica expansion, The Rise of Ix (Dune Imperium), Kittens and Beasts (The Isle of Cats)

Sequels and New Editions (top 5): Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest, Clank Catacombs, Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition, Terra Nova, Marvel Dice Throne

Favorite New-to-Me Games Released Before 2022 (top 5): Savannah Park, Nirvana, So Clover, Rumble Nation, Skull King

Favorite New-to-Me Digital Games: Marvel Snap, Dicey Dungeons, Inscryption

• 2022 Releases I Haven’t Had the Chance to Try Yet (that I’m most eager to try): Endless Winter, First Rat, Heat, SolForge Fusion, Oathsworn, Revive, Marvel Remix, Foundations of Rome, War of the Ring the Card Game

2023 Releases I’m the Most Excited About: Earthborne Rangers, The 7th Citadel, Mythwind, Star Realms Rise of Empire, Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, Steam Up, Race to the Raft, Chicken, Roll Player Adventures expansion, Elevenses, Sagrada: Artisans, The Fox Experiment, Gnomadic Gardeners, Robomon, First in Flight, Ra, Bark Avenue, Trailblazer, Tidal Blades 2, Blazon, Soul Raiders, Tranquility: The Ascent, Heckin Hounds, Darwin’s Journey, Atiwa, Framework

2022 Ambassador Picks: Ark Nova, Carnegie, Dead Reckoning, Endless Winter, First Rat, Flamecraft, Foundations of Rome, Guild of Merchant Explorers, Heat: Pedal to the Metal, ISS Vanguard, Lacrimosa, Mosaic, Planet Unknown, Revive, Three Sisters, Twilight Inscription, Wayfarers of the South Tigris, Weather Machine, Wonderland’s War

Stonemaier Coworkers: Susannah: Guild of Merchant Explorers; Joe and Dave: Cat in the Box; Alex: Scout, Ark Nova, War of the Ring the card game; Morten: Ark Nova

Honorable Mentions That Didn’t Quite Make the Top 10: Dead Reckoning, Gift of Tulips, The Siege of Runedar, Starship Captains, Wayfarers of the South Tigris, Wicked and Wise, Fun Facts, Wonderland’s War, Creature Comforts, Scout

My Top 10 Games of 2022

1. Planet Unknown (and Ark Nova)

2. The Guild of Merchant Explorers

3. Cat in the Box

4. Lands of Galzyr

5. Living Forest

6. Bullet

7. Dog Park

8. The Adventures of Robin Hood

9. First Ascent

10. Tricktakers

What were your favorite gaming-related products and new games of 2022?

Here is last year’s list, and here is my latest overall top 10 list. My video for this topic is below.

5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Games of 2022”

  1. My top 3:
    1. Planet Unknown
    I was surprised to see you give Planet Unknown (with Ark Nova), your number one game of the year, because not that many people got their hands on it, it seems. But those who did, loved it. AND it is also my Game of the Year. And 2022 was a great year, IMO, for new games. Everyone I have taught this to loved it, including my mostly non-gaming family who prefer fast, light card games or party games.
    2. Heat: Pedal to the Metal
    Right behind Planet Unknown is Heat: Pedal to the Metal. Heat might have made my #1 position had I played it more – but I only got it at the very end of 2022 (just before Christmas) and played it only four times (multiplayer) before year’s end. It will probably be one of my most played games in 2023. This game is just FUN. It brings out the competitive juices in me, and I really get the tense feeling of competition, and even feel nervous on the last lap! There is “heated” excitement in this game.
    3. Project L (yes, not a 2022 release) but new to me.
    Project L released in 2018 I think, but I never played it or saw it until the very end of 2021. So 2022 was our year to really play and collect all the expansions for this game. I absolutely love this game. Great components; a simple, quick game to teach and play, but a lot of delicious, puzzly decisions. Just hits the spot.

  2. Planet unknown is definitely fantastic!
    We took it to the last Snodcon and people couldn’t stop playing it.
    The asymmetric planets and cube boards are a blast to play and I would only play the symmetric ones with new players now.

    Fun facts is now on my list, as is Lands of Galzyre and cat in the box

    Great top ten.

  3. I haven’t played Planet Unknown. I’m going to look further into this game. I’m super excited to eventually own/play The Guild of Merchant Explorers. It’s not readily available in Australia at the moment. Here are my top 5 favourite games that I played for the first time in 2022:

    1. Tapestry
    2. Resist!
    3. Planet X
    4. Skate Summer
    5. Canopy


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