Did I Celebrate Properly?

On Saturday, I did something I was really excited about. I’m going to set the scene, tell you what happened, and share how I celebrated. I’m curious if I did it right.

We had 8 people show up for disc golf at Unger Park on Saturday, so we split into two groups of 4. We stayed relatively close throughout the 18 baskets, which was great–we could often see or hear the other group.

When the first group finished basket 4, a relatively short but narrow route curving left through dense trees, we lined up to throw. Jake threw first, lining a picture-perfect drive that landed directly below the basket.

I was next. One of my favorite discs wasn’t quite doing what I wanted it to do that day, but I decided to give it another try, as it’s great at going straight and then bending right when thrown forehand.

The throw felt good as it left my hand, then it curved at just the right time…and then it crashed hard against the chains. It took me a second to process that I’d just thrown an ace (my second ever), and I raced towards the basket. At first I thought the disc had fallen out, but I realized that was Jake’s drive. Mine was exactly where it was meant to go.

Jake had run after me with his camera, and he took this photo. That’s an expression of pure, goofy joy on my face.

Here’s where I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Two members of my group were way back at the teepad for basket 4. The other four people (including Megan, my girlfriend) were about 50 feet away at the next teepad. They kind of just stood there watching from a distance while Jake take the photo.

I feel like an ace is at least fist-bump worthy from friends and girlfriends, so since they weren’t moving, I decided to run over to them, leading to said fistbumps and some hugs. Then I ran back to my group for a few more photos.

Mostly I’ve just been replaying the ace itself in my mind (how did the disc know to go in the basket?), but I’ve wondered a little bit about the celebration. It certainly would have been easier if anyone from the first group had come over to me, but perhaps they were just letting me have my moment. But without them doing that, was it the right decision to go to them? They weren’t far away, but they also weren’t in a direct line back to our teepad.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Did I Celebrate Properly?”

  1. Short answer:
    Yes. Celebrate- reach out and share joy.
    It’s wonderful and you did a good thing.
    Congratulations on the ace. 🙂

  2. It’s a major accomplishment in disc golf, celebrating it like that isn’t just acceptable, but kind of wholesome. Now if I see video footage of you performing a choreographed song and dance, maybe that would be excessive. Jokes aside, congratulations on the ace!


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