Has a Movie, Book, or Show Ever Decided Your Next Vacation?

Over the weekend we watched a 2022 movie called Ticket to Paradise; it stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts. It’s a cute rom-com about a former couple who had a kid but whose marriage didn’t work out, and they’re forced into the incredibly difficult situation of spending time together in one of the most beautiful places on earth. So, so difficult.

The movie is fun and funny, but the setting steals the show. The film is set in Bali, switching back and forth between a fancy resort and a small coastal village. Both are beautiful in their own way, and both made us look at Bali as a potential vacation destination after the movie ended.

Now, there’s a twist: While writing this, I learned that the movie wasn’t actually filmed in Bali due to COVID issues. Instead, it was filmed in Australia. Either way, there’s a beautiful place somewhere out there that I’d like to visit someday thanks to Ticket to Paradise. Whether or not we actually act on it remains to be seen.

Have you ever seen a place in a movie and quickly added it to your bucket list? The closest I can think of in recent memory is visiting Middle Earth (aka New Zealand) because of its depiction in the Lord of the Rings movies. Of course, there are many elements in the movies that are embellished and CGIed, but it’s still neat to see specific, visually memorable places from the movies in person. I also love the idea of eating in restaurants owned by Top Chef alums. Plus, I definitely want to go to Fiji someday, as that’s where Survivor is filmed.

9 thoughts on “Has a Movie, Book, or Show Ever Decided Your Next Vacation?”

  1. Hi Jamey! Great post idea! That movie is on my to-watch list.

    My partner fell in love with the Scottish Highlands from watching the Outlander tv show/reading the books. I then fell in love with Iceland first from watching the move The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (highly recommended if you haven’t already seen it). I then fell in love with the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men. Their first album is heavily inspired by their Icelandic roots.

    In June, we decided to evenly split our holiday in two. Two weeks driving around Scotland, followed by two weeks driving around Iceland. This makes for a happy holiday, as well as a happy relationship!

    In March we’re also going to Bali for the first time, which is only a short flight from Australia. We’re having a relaxing week in the Balinese mountains in a 150 year-old wooden hut. If you Google ‘Vaikuntha Villa’ you’ll see how beautiful traditional Balinese huts are.

    We actually wanted to go to Fiji instead, as my partner and I have watched every single season of U.S. Survivor… most seasons more than once! I’d love to see a future post about your favourite Survivor seasons/players! Did you watch the most recent season (43)? I won’t spoil it if you haven’t, but the ‘reunion’ (the new post-winner reveal) was quite something.

    • Scotland looks beautiful, and Iceland is on my bucket list. I’m glad you were able to visit both on the same trip! Your Bali trip also sounds amazing, especially since you’re staying in such an old hut.

      Indeed, I’ve seen season 43…I’m trying to remember the reveal you mentioned. What was it?

      • I’ll try not to reveal spoilers for any other of your readers…

        The surprise is what the winner does with the prize money. They also don’t mention this during the final tribal council, which is very noble in itself, as this would have easily swayed the jury.

  2. So, turning this premise on its head, my wife and her friend are going to Paris in a few months…which has now caused Ping to start watching Emily in Paris every evening!

  3. Hi Jamey. The Lord of the Rings of course has me dying to go to New Zealand. The movie that I can think of with the biggest impact on a tourist destination was The Beach. Ever since that movie, the tourism industry in Thailand skyrocketed!
    Although I am Irish, I have not travelled up north very much, mainly because of the hassle of changing currency, but Game of Thrones has me wanting to go see some of the beautiful areas up there so I am sure that will be on the cards before long!


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