Jury Duty (part 3)

In my third and final post about jury duty, I wanted to mention something largely unrelated to the trial itself, but it was an unexpected joy during a week where my civic duty trumped my ability to be in the office (where I wanted to be).

On the first day when we were still in the selection process, we had nearly 90 minutes for lunch. As a treat for enduring jury duty, my plan was to walk over to Bailey’s Range, order a veggie burger, fries, and a small chocolate shake to go, and eat in my car (in the parking lot) while listening to a podcast.

But a few seconds after I walked into Bailey’s, I noticed that a fellow potential juror from my group (there around 36 potential jurors in each courtroom) had also walked into Bailey’s after me. On a whim, I did a very uncharacteristic thing for me: Instead of proceeding with the plan, I asked the person if they wanted to eat together at Bailey’s.

I would have completely understood if they had declined, but I also understood the impetus for accepting. While we were surrounded by people all day, it’s like a tense classroom–we’re only allowed to speak when spoken to. During short breaks, everyone’s on their photos.

We proceeded to have a lovely lunch talking about all sorts of things: Family (she and her husband have two young kids and a dog; I talked about Megan and our cats), careers, religion, etc.

We both ended up being selected for the jury. As I mentioned yesterday, we spent quite a bit of time in the jury room just waiting around, and there’s only so much remote work I can do from my phone. It was so nice to have a new friend to chat with during the downtime–it genuinely made me look forward to the duty every day (the trial was interesting and I took my responsibility seriously).

That’s it! As memorable as the trial was, it’s equally memorable to me that I had the good fortune of finding someone interesting to chat with during the process. It was a good reminder to me to take these little risks more often.

What’s the last little risk you took that resulted in something joyful and meaningful?

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