Are You Watching “Shrinking”? (My Thoughts)

Apple TV’s “Shrinking” is not, as the title suggests, a serialized version of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Rather, it’s a half-hour dramedy about therapists.

In some ways, the show does some pretty predictable things with the genre, namely that the therapists’ lives are just as complicated as the people they’re trying to help. But that’s fine, because the characters are wonderful: There’s a lot of compelling people to root for, and many of them are quite funny along the way.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to me is Harrison Ford, who leans deeper into his gruff character than I’ve seen in his films. He is really, really funny, and it’s not just the writing for him–his delivery is perfect.

Lukita Maxwell is also superb as the daughter of the main character–she makes every scene better, and I’m excited for the career she has ahead of her.

The first season of Shrinking is almost complete, so if you’re looking for an entertaining show with heart, I definitely recommend it. If you’ve watched the available episodes, what do you think?

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