Are You Watching Survivor Season 44? (My Thoughts)

Survivor is back! I’m always excited by a new season of Survivor, especially with the amazing casting over the last few years.

The premiere of season 44 was last week, and tonight a new episode airs. I have a few thoughts about the thrilling first episode (spoilers below):

  • There were a lot of early injuries! One was entirely the fault of a contestant, but I feel like the head injury could be avoided by more considerate obstacle design. One player also needed to temporarily sit out due to dehydration and heat exhaustion. I really hope Survivor gives contestants plenty of water leading up to each challenge. I watch Survivor to see people compete, not suffer.
  • I really like the newest push-your-luck twist for the three people who are sent to an island, particularly that they don’t exactly know the reward they’ll receive. I also really like the visibility of the immunity idol out in plain sight (but locked in a cage).
  • The first tribal had some huge surprises, with two players playing their shot in the darks. At first I thought this was a really poor move, but I actually like it for two reasons: One, nobody wants to be the first person voted out, so why not do everything possible to avoid that fate? Two, the first tribal can lead to you ending up on the wrong side of the vote, making early enemies. You don’t get to vote if you play your shot in the dark, so it’s a neutral approach to the early game.

Are you watching the new season? What do you think so far?

3 thoughts on “Are You Watching Survivor Season 44? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I’m enjoying the new twists with Survivor. I like it when the players don’t know everything from watching previous seasons. The birdcage is brilliant. It would be so sneaky if they had multiple cages with different rewards OR one cage per tribe, BUT different rewards so when the merge happens suspicion reigns over the stories about their bird cage reward. I hope they get restocked if someone decides to leave one unopened.

  2. I’m enjoying it too. I’m absolutely stymied that nobody tried to bend/pry the cage bars apart to get in there. I don’t remember there being anything stating that a key MUST be used.


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