My 3 Favorite Video Game Podcasts

It’s very rare that I play video games and digital games of any type, but I’m still fascinated by them as a gamer and game designer. I’ve tried out a variety of video game podcasts to find a good match. For me, I’ve found that involves people who talk accessibly about video games (i.e., avoid … Read more

Is This Good Advice from Matt Damon?

Ben Affleck recently made an appearance on the Smartless podcast, and he shared some advice from his long-time friend and collaborator, Matt Damon. He was talking about being asked to do something (or deciding if you want to do something). The specific context was him being asked to appear at a charity event, which I’m … Read more

I Tried Crio Bru (Coffee Alternative)

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I want to pay better attention to how coffee impacts me (I typically drink 1 small cup each day). As an experiment, I bought a bag of Crio Bru, a cacao-based alternative to coffee that brews in a French press exactly like coffee, and today I’ll share … Read more

My 20th College Reunion

My 20th college reunion was this past weekend. I must admit that I didn’t think much of it, but I appreciated that several friends and former roommates/suitemates were coming into town for the festivities, and I wanted to see them. I didn’t attend any of the official events, but I still got to see the … Read more

What’s Your Bad Date Story?

There’s a new comedy podcast that I highly recommend: Bad Dates with Jameela Jamil. Jameela (who you might recognize from The Good Place) realized that a universal connection between adults is that pretty much everyone has a bad date story. The point of such stories isn’t to poke fun at anyone (other than ourselves); rather, … Read more