Dollhouse and CEOs Drinking Whiskey

Megan has been wanting to rewatch an older show called Dollhouse, and we recently finished season 1 and moved on to season 2. I hadn’t previously watched the show, but I thought season 1 was awesome.

The 13 episodes of the first season showcases the acting chops of Eliza Dushku as a number of different characters that are temporarily plugged into her brain at the whim of mostly very wealth people. It’s an ethical mess, which the show fully acknowledges, and watching the mystery unfold makes for great TV.

There’s just one element of the show–and of many other shows and movies–that I’d like to poke at for a moment: Have you noticed that fictional CEOs seem to spend most of their time pouring whiskey and then drinking whiskey either while verbally sparring or staring pensively out their skyscraper windows?

I’ve seen it so many times that I barely even register it, but it happens so often in Dollhouse that I couldn’t help but notice. I’m sure there are a few real-life CEOs who spend their time sitting around fancy, well-lit offices and swirling whiskey, but according to Hollywood, that’s all CEOs do.

I’m not exactly a CEO, but I run a business, and never even once have I thought to pour myself a glass of whiskey during a meeting or at work (or at all, really–on the rare occasions I have a drink, it’s after work, and it isn’t whiskey).

So you tell me: Have you ever seen this happen in real life, or is it just something that screenwriters assume about the CEOs of the world? Should I significantly increase my whiskey intake at work?

Also, tell me your thoughts about Dollhouse. I’m looking forward to finishing season 2.

2 thoughts on “Dollhouse and CEOs Drinking Whiskey”

  1. Haven’t watched Dollhouse (I heard some sad things about Joss Whedon, which colours his shows for me a little), but when I started my latest job, my joining gift was a nice bottle of whiskey.

    It’s still sitting on my shelf though.

    And I haven’t seen the boss drink whiskey at work (although there are a dozen bottles or so scattered around the office), but his favourite drink is a whiskey sour, which he drinks whenever we go out for a company lunch or dinner… so maybe there is some truth to this!


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