How Do You Eat Berries?

Over the last few years, my fruit intake has been steady but also relatively static: I eat some pineapple at lunch, a small orange at dinner, and some dried raisins and cherries with my nuts.

It’s pretty rare that I eat berries, yet I often read articles about the value of incorporating berries into your daily diet. So I recently tried something new, and I’m enjoying it so far.

Basically, once a week when I go to the grocery store, in addition to buying pineapple for my lunch fruit, I also buy a combination of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango, and strawberries. I even went rogue today and slipped some oranges into the bowl.

When I get home, I wash the fruit, mix it all together in a big bowl, and sprinkle some lime juice on it to keep it fresh. Megan and I eat out of it at the end of each lunch, and it lasts us around a week.

I know this doesn’t sound all that novel, but it just never occurred to me to do this before. It requires slightly more prep work than opening the pineapple, but really not that much more, and instead of having one fruit, we have a wide variety of fruits to eat at lunch. I’m finding that I have less of a craving for dessert after lunch as a result–the fruit is the dessert.

This may change a bit when the Tower Grove Farmers Market reopens this Saturday, as I’ll focus much more on locally grown fruits and vegetables then.

How do you eat berries (if at all)?

5 thoughts on “How Do You Eat Berries?”

  1. We just eat them. Sometimes as a snack (grab a handful). We also add them to various cereals (both cold and hot) and salads as something to add flavor and color.
    Berries are a great after-workout snack too!

    Pro tip- if you buy berries from the grocery store and they come in those vented plastic boxes, transfer them to a glass jar with a tight fitting lid and store them in the fridge. This increases their shelf life dramatically.

  2. That is a great idea about the lime juice, does it keep the berries good all week?. Do you leave out on the table or in the fridge?.

    We usually have blueberries and strawberries in natural yoghurt for an alternative breakfast 🙂

  3. My aunt would mix honey, cayenne pepper, and lemon or lime juice and drizzle it over fruit.

    I used to make parfait – greek yogurt, berries, and granola. But now I just eat them or else my husband will eat all of it when he starts looking for snacks.


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