My 3 Favorite Video Game Podcasts

It’s very rare that I play video games and digital games of any type, but I’m still fascinated by them as a gamer and game designer.

I’ve tried out a variety of video game podcasts to find a good match. For me, I’ve found that involves people who talk accessibly about video games (i.e., avoid an abundance industry terms and acronyms), detailed discussions about the gameplay experience (i.e., limited focus on digital-only elements like framerate and music), and episodes that focus on a single game or topic for around an hour (I listen at 2x speed). It’s super helpful if they include the name of the game in the title of each episode instead of a pun or hint at the game. Also, if there are multiple hosts, I appreciate when they genuinely seem to enjoy each other with a hint of playfulness while staying focused on the game of the day.

Over time I’ve found that there are 3 video game podcasts that consistently deliver what I’m looking for:

  • Triple Click: Week after week, Kirk, Maddy, and Jason are offer incredibly engaging insights about video games (typically 1 game per episode and sometimes a bigger topic instead).
  • Gaming in the Wild: This podcast describes itself as “chill”, and it delivers on that promise. I love listening to John talk about games in a low-key-yet-fascinating way.
  • Pixelated Playgrounds: I love the detail with which Bryan, Josh, and Clint discuss games, and not just new games–I think that’s part of the reason they describe the podcast as a video game “book club.”

I may add to this list over time, and I’d love to hear any recommendations you have for video game podcasts (and why you enjoy them). Or really just any podcast you’re enjoying right now!

2 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite Video Game Podcasts”

  1. I will subscribe to these and give a listen later, I haven’t had a chance, but Kit & Krysta is a podcast by two former Nintendo employees, and I have heard that it’s quite good.

    I have personally been trying to avoid all video game related news, as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the sequel to Breath of the Wild, comes out on May 12th, and I already know too much about it! That game was a truly wonderful experience, and knowing absolutely nothing going into my first play through made it even better.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out. I look forward to listening to podcasts about Tears of the Kingdom. 🙂


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