Top 10 Games I Want to Play at Geekway 2023

In a few weeks I’m attending Geekway to the West, a tabletop game convention here in St. Louis. For most of 4 days I’ll play published games with a variety of people, both for fun and to learn from the experiences as a designer.

I’ve been compiling a list of games I really want to try at Geekway, and as I usually do, I’m going to share it below in case you already love one of these games and want to teach and play it with me. I don’t schedule anything at Geekway–I’ve found it just doesn’t work in this convention format–but I should be easy to spot as I wander around in my bright orange Stonemaier t-shirt.

Some of the games may be in their library, and there are probably some games in their play-and-win section that I’m unaware of. You’re also welcome to bring one of these games to Geekway if you own it, love it, and are happy to teach and play it with me.

I’ve already started talking about games I want to try, and I’m excited that specific people have already expressed interest in playing the following with me:

  • Horrified
  • Mosaic
  • Rurik
  • Honga
  • Trekking Through History
  • Revive
  • Green Team Wins
  • Bad Company
  • First Rat
  • Bug Council of Backyardia

The other 10 new-to-me games I want to play are as follows roughly in priority order, followed by some others on my list:

  • Heat
  • Four Humours
  • The Great Split
  • Claim
  • Space Station Phoenix

Other games that intrigue me (just not as much of a priority as the above games) are Tak, Mindbug, Decorum, Dorfromantik, Resist, Turing Machine, Foundations of Rome, Rise, Gutenberg, Tidal Blades Banner Festival, Hickory Dickory, and Astro Knights.

Would you recommend any of these games? I’m excited to play a bunch of them in a few weeks! Also, if you’re visiting St. Louis, here are my restaurant recommendations in a variety of categories.

31 thoughts on “Top 10 Games I Want to Play at Geekway 2023”

  1. From your list I’ve played Heat (22 times) and Akropolis (2 times). I like both. Heat I absolutely love. This one improves with multiple plays as you discover subtleties in strategy, and as you add more ‘parts’ to the game. First game doesn’t overly impress everyone, as it seems too simple or too luck driven. Second and following games you get wiser and start to discover the values of positioning, corners, stress, yawing heat to advantage, slip-streaming, etc. Then you have all of the included expansions! The garage Exp. adds even more strategy and depth. Another amazing thing about Heat is that there are numerous expansions I haven’t even mentioned that are in ludes in the base game package!! I still haven’t added numerous modules to the game after 22 plays. My # 1 game for now (as you might have guessed). As for Akropolis, I really enjoy the puzzle it presents in a simple but absorbing way. (I enjoy puzzle-type games such as Project L, Cascadia, etc in which the game turns are simple but the puzzle of what to do is challenging. This fits that niche. In a way, it’s a ‘Math’ game (which is not one of my strengths), but the game is short – 30 mins max for three/four players – 20 mins for two. Choose a tile;’place a tile. But which tile to choose, and where to place to get the max benefit. I love that kind of simple challenge. So – don’t miss either of these games!!

  2. Horrified is an excellent game – it has such variability with its combinations of characters and villains you can play against. A personal favourite combination of mine is the Frankensteins, The Invisible Man and The Mummy. It is an excellent cooperative experience for gamers of all levels.

    • Some great games on there Jamey. I am finding Bad Company gets lots of game time and had it for about a year. Easy to pick up and teach and all level of gamers love it. Better than Space Base I’d say. Heat is great too. Always tight till the end.

  3. Akropolis is fun—it’s easy to learn and gets you to think. I like the three-dimensional building element and multiple ways to score points, depending on how you play the various colored segments.

  4. Hi Jamey! I can teach Revive if you’d like. However, I don’t see a copy listed in the Geekway library. Do you know if there’ll be a copy avaiable?

    I’ve also played Mosiac, but don’t know how well I could teach it off hand. If you really want to play though, I’ll look at the rules.

    On another note… does Megan have a list of games she’d like to play at Geekway, or does her list overlap with yours?

    • Thanks Nathan! That’s very kind of you. I’ll keep an eye out for Revive to see if a copy can be available.

      Megan loves to play a variety of games, but she doesn’t stay on top of gaming media at all. She’ll definitely be at Geekway to play, though!

      • Hi Jamey, so it looks like I can probably bring a copy of Revive if necessary, but I usually try to travel light when flying. I think I can make it work, though.

        It’d be nice to get a game in with Megan again! 🙂

      • I can bring a copy of Revive, just picked it up recently but haven’t played yet! I’ll be at Geekway Thursday and Friday. I signed up to learn Mosaic on Friday, it looks like fun!

          • Hi Jamey! Yeah, that would work! That way I can save room in my bag for a play to win game. 🙂

            Also, I reviewed the rules to Mosaic and everything came back to me. It’s actually an easy teach, so I’d have no problem teaching that as well.

  5. Trekking Through History is my new gateway game for new gamers…or anyone who doesn’t like heavy-weight games. It’s beautiful, easy to learn, and a blast to play.

    I will also mention that Foundations of Rome is super fun to play and absolutely gorgeous. I think the monuments expansion is a must to include, but the strategy of figuring out when to build and when to wait to see what others around you build is fantastic. It has become one of my favorites and a permanent piece in my way too many wall of games.

  6. I would be happy to teach/play Revive and/or Green Team Wins. I’ve taught both enough times that I have a system at this point.

    GTW is really good with a larger group, and still manages to play (even with teach) in well under half an hour in most cases. Base game plays up to 12, and I would recommend playing with at least 6.

    My only deficiency on Revive is that I have only played the base version, since I am usually teaching at least one new player every time. However, most of the campaign unlocks are pretty easy to fold in, it appears. Once you get going, this game can move quickly for its appearance – sub-2 hours, usually.

    • Thank you so much, David! We may have figured out teaching/playing for Revive above, so maybe we could aim for Green Team Wins?

      • That works for me! I’ll bring my copy along just in case. And I am happy to serve as a backup teacher option for Revive is something falls through on that front.

  7. Jamey, have you found anyone bringing Heat yet? I don’t have it, but I’ve been very interested in learning this game! I can keep my eyes peeled for a copy before Geekway too.

    Looks like Green Team Wins gets more fun with more people, so happy to join for that one as well if you and David have room.

    • It plays up to 12, so there should be plenty of room… I guess the only question to resolve will be when and where?

      • I think Geekway works best when you just play whatever is available at any given moment–otherwise you end up either waiting quite a bit or rushing the game you’re playing to get to a scheduled game. I’ll be wandering around the big room on the main level, so if you see me and you’re available, just call me over.


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