Have You Watched Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3? (My Thoughts)

I’ve seen all threes Guardians movies in the theater, and I’ve had a different reaction each time:

  • Volume 1: Absolute elation. I knew nothing about the Guardians, yet I had so much fun.
  • Volume 2: Mild disappointment. I was kind of bored for parts of the film, especially multiple scenes of people listening to music.
  • Volume 3: Heartfelt mix of sadness and joy. This was a real tearjerker to close the trilogy.

Mild spoilers below.

In my opinion, the brilliant backbone of the movie is that the characters aren’t trying to save the world. Literally their entire motivation is to save a specific life, and they encounter a number of obstacles along the way. This pure, simple motivation was perfect, especially in such a big movie.

I saw a content warning in advance about the movie in regards to animal cruelty and experimentation. This is where many of the tears came from. It’s hard to watch, but that’s the point.

I also think of all the Guardians movies, this one does the best at giving each character multiple moments to shine. They each have an arc and/or a personal discovery–this isn’t the Starlord show.

Also, my main complaint about Volume 2 is almost completely fixed here. The music is great, and it adds to each scene instead of being the entire scene.

Despite being excited enough to see Guardians 3 in the theater, I had low expectations, and I was truly moved by the film on every level. Again, it shows some powerfully sad moments involving animals, but I think they move the audience in the right way. In fact, they’re inspiring me to do some research about animal experimentation (i.e., ways to support efforts against it).

What did you think of the movie?

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  1. Drax the Destroyer is derided as “stupid”, yet nevertheless his linguistic and empathetic skills are key to saving the children at the climax.


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