The Answer Revealed: What Animal Is Sebastian in The Little Mermaid?

Among life’s many mysteries–and, amusingly, one of the most-viewed posts on my blog every day–is whether Sebastian from Disney’s animated film The Little Mermaid a lobster or a crab.

Because of the way Sebastian is illustrated, I’ve always pictured him as a lobster. However, Sebastian calls himself a crab in the movie, which is pretty definitive.

This weekend, the live-action Little Mermaid movie is releasing, and early images leave no doubt as to what type of crustacean Sebastian is:

That, my friends, is a crab. It’s a very different look than the animated Sebastian, though I appreciate the clarity of species in this realistic rendering. I’m very curious to see how this live-action version of a classic film stacks up with Disney’s other live-action remakes. What do you think?

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