Have You Watched “Extraction 2” (My Thoughts)

I need to say up front that I don’t have much to say about Extraction 2. It’s an action movie that I’m glad I watched, and that’s pretty much it.

So why a post about it? Because I really want to commend and elevate any action film that goes the extra mile to use long shots to create tension and intensity, and Extraction 2 does that in spades.

Extraction 2 features several long sequences–including one that’s over 20 minutes–that are entirely uncut. Of course, there were some (perhaps many) cuts in the actual filming, but you wouldn’t know from the way it’s stitched together. The choreography in these scenes is incredible, with some frames including dozens of actors performing a dance of sorts.

If you’re a fan of long shots in movies, I’d recommend checking out Extraction 2. Have you seen any movies recently that featured this type of extra effort?

5 thoughts on “Have You Watched “Extraction 2” (My Thoughts)”

  1. I absolutely love long shots. Children of Men always comes to mind as a movie completely elevated by long shots. I’m not a fan of mindless action movies but I’ll check this out. Is watching E1 necessary to understand the plot?

    • I absolutely agree about Children of Men. Gravity has some awesome long shots too. As for intense action, I’d also recommend Wrath of Man. E1 isn’t necessary at all to watch E2 (though E1 also has some impressive long shots).

  2. Nir, the car scene from Children of Men gets me so jazzed about filmmaking. Talk about intense!

    Extraction 2 would have flown under my radar were it not for this blog post – perhaps I’ll give it a watch.

    Season 1 of True Detective has a phenomenal long take in…episode 4? If you haven’t seen the show and enjoy dark mysteries in the same vein as David Lynch’s work, I recommend the entire season. If that’s not your cup of tea, the scene alone is worth checking out.

    • Thanks Johnny! I haven’t seen that show–it might be a little dark for my taste–but I have watched that scene, and it’s incredible. Daredevil (the show) also has some impressive one-takes.

      • Oofta, it is a dark yet well-made series. It’s distinct from shows like Fargo, where an ambient aloofness lets you come up for air in between intense moments, True Detective just drags you through the dredges every episode.

        Thanks for the Daredevil rec! The Ben Affleck movie has a special place in 14 year-old Johnny’s heart, but I don’t recall any groundbreaking filmmaking happening there haha.


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