Time Travel on Father’s Day

My dad passed away a year and a half ago, so this weekend will be my second Father’s Day without him. I miss him, and I try to celebrate him by remembering the 40+ years we had together and trying to live by the best of the principles he exemplified.

For the last week I’ve had a Dad-related token on my desk, a photo of him and I taken about a year before he died. My mom put together these frames while working through the initial stages of her grief, and in that grief she made a tiny mistake that has turned out to be meaningful to me.

I know Dad died in 2022, but thanks to this frame, there’s a part of me that can suspend reality and imagine that Dad was born in 1953, lived into his late 60s, and near the end was able to travel back in time to 1922 before his final moments. He was an old soul, and I think he would have enjoyed seeing a glimpse of life in the roaring 20s.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

4 thoughts on “Time Travel on Father’s Day”

  1. So touching Jamey, your Dad sounds like he was an amazing man and father.
    It’s been 14 years since my dad passed away and I have bitter sweet memories of him , many good ones and some not so good .
    He was my dad and we will be going to place flowers on his grave this weekend to mark both Father’s Day and his birthday .

    I love the time travel concept – must watch the film “about time “ again.

    • That’s a beautiful way to honor your dad, Mark. And “About Time” is a great pick for Father’s Day!

  2. Having a picture our token from one’s father is a precious gift. My father passed at age 68, far too young in my opinion. My dad also had the dark sense of humor to pass away on Father’s Day, making it quite memorable. This year, as my daughter recently moved to Philadelphia, she’ll be able to spend Father’s Day with me…and we’ll have our own memories for her to remember years from now.

    • Far too young indeed, Joe–that’s the same age as my dad when he passed. I’m glad you’ll get to spend Father’s Day with your daughter this year.


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