How Do You Feel About Shows That End Episodes 5 Minutes Early?

Over the last few days, our lunchtime show has been Based on a True Story (Peacock) and our dinnertime show has been Fubar (Netflix). We’ve found both to be highly entertaining, yet they have one oddity in common: Episodes of both shows consistently end 5 minutes early.

It isn’t new for shows to feature cliffhangers, but this is a little different, in my opinion. Episodes of these shows will end in the middle of a scene, then the scene will continue for another few minutes in the next episode. After the scene concludes, an entirely new episode will begin (just without actually changing to a new episode.

I’ll give you a made-up example: There’s a high-speed chase on the freeway. The car finally catches up to the motorcycle, only for the person on the motorcycle to lift their visor to reveal they’re a character we didn’t expect to be there. The episode ends. A new episode begins, and the characters chat for a few minutes and then drive away. With that plotline over, a completely new plotline on a different topic begins.

I understand why shows are doing this: They want you to keep watching. This works well for streaming, when you can just sit back and wait for the next episode to begin.

But streaming also gives the user more control. What we’ve been doing is simply finishing the scene and then pausing the new episode where it really begins. Easy peasy.

Have you noticed other shows doing this? Does it entice you to watch the entire next episode, or do you just finish the scene and turn it off?

Also, we’re enjoying both shows quite a bit. Based on a True Story is a fictional dark comedy about a true-crime podcast. It’s entertaining, with lots of twists and turns, though too many dream sequences. Fubar is pretty much the movie True Lies, but spread out over 8 episodes. Lots of good spy action/comedy.

1 thought on “How Do You Feel About Shows That End Episodes 5 Minutes Early?”

  1. That is how we are watching Fubar, and we JUST started watching Based on the True Story last night, I don’t think we got to the 5 mins too early situation yet. Both are good shows though Fubar did lose my ultimate good show test. I fell asleep in one of the episodes.


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