I’ve Read Light Bringer (Red Rising book 6)

When I had the chance to receive an advance copy of the next book in one of my all-time favorite book series, I couldn’t say no. Red Rising is a series I love so much that I designed and published a Red Rising board game, so reading book 6 isn’t just for pleasure–it’s also research for a potential expansion or sequel to the game.

I can’t provide any specifics about what happens in book 6, Light Bringer, but I’ll share some overarching thoughts. This is completely spoiler free.

In my opinion, Light Bringer is a blockbuster of a book. Despite its length–over 600 pages–it’s packed to the brim with epic set piece scenes, fascinating characters, brilliant worldbuilding, and thrilling twists and turns. When a book is this big, I expect some fluff, but that’s not the case here. Light Bringer is written to entertain, and it’s quite the page turner.

On top of that, Light Bringer features some of the most memorable moments across the entire series. In general, I have a terrible memory, so it takes a lot for a specific moment in a book to strike such a chord that it etches a permanent memory in my mind and heart. Light Bringer has several moments/scenes like that.

If you love the Red Rising series, you’re in for a real treat upon the release on July 25. If you haven’t gotten into the books, here’s another great reason to do so. You should only know up front that there is one more book in the series. Book 6 feels complete and self-contained, but it definitely isn’t the end to the series.

In previous Red Rising books, what are your picks for most memorable moments?

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  1. Seeing you produce a game about the series peeked my interest in reading the books, and I am so glad I have dove into them. I’m only on the third book, but the cliffhanger at the end of the second came out of nowhere for me. Thanks for bringing this book series into my life! (I still need to get my copy of the game to the table… 😅)

  2. When you first announced the game based off this series I recently got back into reading. I went ahead and picked up the first book, then the 2nd, then the 3rd. I read the whole first trilogy in February. It was a roller coaster.

    Iron Gold is a better book on reread, and Dark Age is a masterpiece.

    I made a mistake and planned our family vacation when my pre-order for Lighbringer gets to my mailbox. But I plan on diving right into it when we get home, and the kids go to sleep.

  3. I’ve got about the last 1/6 of the book to go. I just don’t want it to end!

    As far as most memorable moments… No order.

    1. The ending of Dark Age was nuts!
    2. Day of Red Doves goes without saying, too.
    3. Sevro saving Darrow and Cassius.
    4.Roques Betrayal/End of Golden Son

    Honestly, there are so many. I might go back and re-read this series again.

    Just playtested the board game tonight after it sitting on my shelf for two years😅 and really would love to see content that included the second trilogy or a brand new game! So many new great characters.

    • This is a great list! Thanks for playing Red Rising; we are indeed hoping to add something new to that world. 🙂


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