What Did You Think of “The Flash”? (My Thoughts)

As a sprinter in high school (and my main function in soccer, ultimate frisbee, and other sports), I love speedsters in any movie. Dash, Quicksilver, The Flash…I love it.

However, when I heard that DC was making a movie about The Flash, I was concerned. DC movies have been more misses than hits for me. It’s mostly how dark they are, though there are examples of that tone working out well (like The Dark Knight). Also, the movie took quite a long time, and during that time the lead actor was arrested a number of times…I believe in second chances, but it gets more difficult when you’re talking about third chances, fourth chances, etc.

I decided to see The Flash anyway, and I have to say: This is a top 3 DC movie for me. It hits on nearly ever level. It was a ton of fun, it looked great, it balanced levity with depth, and it featured several unexpected twists.

It takes a high level of skill to make an action movie funny without being silly, and the writers, directors, and actors pull off this delicate balance perfectly. There were several bits that were so funny that Megan and I laughed out loud, and not just a quick giggle.

There are a few other comic book characters with prominent roles in the film–I really liked the casting choices for both of them. Also, without giving anything away, I thought the movie did a great job at giving us the best elements of an origin story film without actually being an origin story film.

Aside from the troublesome lead actor, I’m disappointed that The Flash is failing hard at the box office. I really enjoyed the film and absolutely recommend it.

Did you watch The Flash? What did you think?

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