Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Biddy

For Megan’s parents’ 40th anniversary, they invited us and a few other family members to join them in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Last week I spent 3+ days with them enjoying beautiful weather, stunning scenery, healthy hikes, dynamic disc golf, and amazing animals in both Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

I’ll post a bunch of photos below; here are some highlights related to them:

  • Grand Teton Village is an amazing place to stay, whether it’s in the hotel/lodge or the nearby vacation homes. It’s in the national park along some ski slopes, and even in the summer there’s plenty to do. Our house was a 10 minute walk from it, which meant we could stroll over and play on their free 18-basket disc golf course whenever we wanted.
  • I love disc golf as an activity on vacation, and this course was well designed (aside from the tall grass…we may have lost a few discs). The most memorable part of the two rounds we played was when a few of us threw off a hilly 10th basket, and the discs woke up a moose who was sleeping in a thicket. We carefully proceeded to find and throw our discs after seeing that the moose was more interested in a leafy snack than a human snack.
  • We spent an evening strolling around Jackson Hole, eating huckleberry ice cream and eating sushi at King Sushi.
  • Yellowstone is a little over 2 hours away, so we spent a 13-hour day driving around the lower loop, stopping for photos and for mini-hikes at various locations. The park is so much more than just Old Faithful–in fact, even the Old Faithful stop is more than just Old Faithful, as it’s full of bubbling vents and geysers. We saw some stunning waterfalls, plenty of yellow rocks, a yellow hotel next to a lake, and an amazing cave entrance called the Dragon’s Mouth (find a video for it), among other sights. There were so many people in the park–in fact, one of our scheduled stops was so crowded that we couldn’t even stop there!
  • Our eyes were open for wildlife (“nature”, as we called it) throughout the trip. In total we were relatively close to 2 foxes, 2 bears, 2 moose, 40+ bison, a bunch of elk and horses, and plenty of birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. Other than the moose on the disc golf course, the highlight for me was probably a hillside filled with active bison. They were eating, wrestling, rolling around in the dirt, playing, and most of all, constantly talking to each other. One of the biggest bison walked across the road while we watched from a distance–it was the size of an SUV. As we drove away, we saw another bison on the road, leading a long line of cars in the opposite direction.
  • Other than the disc golf hikes and the short hikes scattered through Yellowstone, we took a nice hike around Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake. It was great exercise, and dipping our feet in the cold lake at the halfway point felt amazing.

Megan and her family stayed in Wyoming (and are still there), but I cut my trip a little short because my cat, Biddy, is on his last legs. He’s stable but steadily declining, and I’m glad I was able to experience some Wyoming and also being here with my little boy.

Have you been to Grand Teton or Yellowstone? What were some of your highlights?

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