Have You Watched “No Hard Feelings”? (My Thoughts)

For movie night this past weekend, Megan and I settled into the couch for what has become somewhat of a rarity: an R-rated rom com.

No Hard Feelings had a solid theatrical run a few months ago and is now available for digital rental. I had heard good things about it, and while the R rating isn’t something I seek from rom coms, it opens up some possibilities for humorous or more realistic situations than PG-13 films. Plus, one of my all-time favorite rom coms is There’s Something About Mary.

I was delighted to find that No Hard Feelings has a few special features beyond just the R rating. The idea of the film is that two parents hire a woman (Jennifer Lawrence) to “date” their son, who is heading off to college soon. It’s a bit of an odd, unlikely premise, but I thought the film did a great job of making the son (Andrew Barth Feldman) more than just the butt of “lonely nerd” jokes. He has a surprising depth, and he’s truly a sweet kid who brings out an important side of Lawrence’s character.

Also, notably, while the movie is based on a lie (the parents don’t want their son to know they hired someone to “date” him), there are several moments in the film where other lies could have happened, but instead the person simply tells the truth and has a tough (or funny) conversation. I really appreciate that.

Of course, the movie has some very funny, memorable set pieces. I would recommend it if you’re looking for this type of romantic comedy (which, as the poster says, isn’t actually a love story) for some popcorn entertainment.

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