How Is Walter Doing?

It’s been two weeks since we said goodbye to Biddy, and the outreach from various people has meant a lot to me (and brought me to tears many times, in a good way).

A number of people have asked about our remaining cat, Walter. Walter is around 13 years old, and he spent most of his life living with me and Biddy. His primary interests are napping and grooming. His interactions with Biddy were somewhat limited–they never really bonded, and once every few weeks Walter would randomly pounce on Biddy (either to play or to assert dominance).

As far as we can tell, Walter hasn’t really noticed that Biddy is gone, though there are signs of some slight differences. He has become much more vocal when he wants food, attention, or the door open. He has also requested tummy time significantly more often than when Biddy was sick (usually on me, but sometimes on Megan).

We’re trying to give Walter plenty of attention and love despite the pain of losing Biddy, and so far he seems to be doing well. I’ll keep an eye on him as it sinks in that Biddy isn’t coming back.

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