What’s Your Travel Hobby?

A combination of our recent trip to Branson and a friend’s engagement made me realize something that I wish I had learned many years ago: I think there’s a huge benefit in having a travel hobby, particularly if you share that hobby with your partner.

By “travel hobby” I’m referring to a hobby that’s already part of your weekly/monthly life, ideally one that is location specific.

For example, I’ve discovered my love of disc golf over the last few years. Whenever we travel, we bring a few discs and look for at least one great disc golf course in the area. It adds a whole new level to travel and gives us something to build around and look forward to.

I think it’s particularly special when you share the hobby with your partner–maybe it’s something you discovered together and have grown into together. An example of this is our friends who recently got engaged. A few years ago they decided to get scuba-certified, and since then they’ve gone on several worldwide adventures. For them, scuba is the trip–it’s helped them decide where to go next. I could definitely see Megan and I choosing a destination based on a specific disc golf course, perhaps one we see the pros playing on TV.

Do you have a travel hobby, either one that’s just yours or that you share with your partner?

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