A 3-Movie Weekend? Elemental, TNMT, and No One Will Save You

After a series of very busy weekend, this past weekend was much more relaxed, with each evening wide open for us to settle down on the couch for dinner, popcorn, and a movie. Here are my quick thoughts on these movies.


Elemental is the newest Pixar film, and it is an absolutely delight. On top of being a charming romantic comedy in its own right, it offers layer upon layer of worldbuilding at the highest Pixar level and even delves into the topic of immigrant struggles and successes. In this world, the people are composed of a primary element: air, wood, fire, water, etc. I can’t stress enough that the movie would be fantastic even without the fantastical twist. I highly recommend this film.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

As a teenager of the ’90s, I grew up playing TNMT games and watching the cartoons. This beautifully animated film is heads and tails better than any previously produced TNMT content, in my opinion. Most importantly, the turtles actually talk like teenagers–they speak over each other, they riff on each other, and they poke fun at each other. Their banter is constant. On top of that, the plot has fun twists and turns, and there are some epic action sequences. I also highly recommend this film.

No One Will Save You

This new Hulu film was completely off my radar until I read some reviews pitching it as Home Alone meets Die Hard with aliens. It’s certainly a very interesting experiment: A young woman defends her remote home against an onslaught of aliens, all the while revealing some baggage from her past through facial expressions and scattered flashbacks. There’s almost no dialogue in the film (maybe 3 total words). Reviewers said it was a thriller but not a scary movie, yet this is definitely a scary movie (you may not personally be scared by it, but the intent to scare is clear). I commend the effort to make something new and different, and aside from some slightly too artsy/stylistic scenes at the end, I enjoyed most of it.

Have you watched any of these movies? What did you think?

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